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Website Support

So you have your sparkly new website, but what now? What if you need to make changes? Well the good news is you have options

With all website builds/redesigns, a handover is provided which goes through all the basics to maintaining and updating your own website, so you have control. However if you don't feel confident, Bridge Digital UK Web Design is here to support you with a Pay as You Go service for updates and developments. Work is calculated on an hourly rate but all updates are provided with a capped price so there is no risk of unexpected costs. 


Bridge Digital prides itself on building ongoing relationships with support and advice always available, however to provide further peace of mind, all websites build on the WIX platform come with WIX customer support and a network of Certified WIX Partners (like Bridge Digital UK), so you will never be backed into a position where you are reliant on one organisation.


A monthly support package can be provided if you have a website that requires a lot of updating and would prefer a managed option, this can be discussed if of interest.  

Optional Ongoing Support Costs (with Bridge Digital UK)

0-5 mins: Free 
Example, Change of a phone number, email address
5-30mins: £25

Example, Updating some text or images
30mins-hour £50

Example, Adding a new section or page to the site.

Prices are set and agreed before starting any work.

Prices are a total price as Bridge Digital is not VAT registered

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